Evaluation of the model project Peer Education

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The most important prerequisite for successful health promotion is quality assurance. Measures taken by the BZgA are therefore carefully planned on the basis of the current state of knowledge; their implementation is as a rule monitored by academics working in the field, and the results are critically assessed.

Concept Sex Education for Youths

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The Framework Concept "Sex Education for Youths"

Scientific foundations in three parts

In the spring of 1998, the Department of Sex Education, Contraception and Family Planning held its second seminar on work in progress under the title “Scientific Foundations and Model Projects”, at which experts presented 18 research and model projects

Medienpaket "Kinderwunsch und Fruchtbarkeitsstörungen"

Medienpaket zu den Themen Fortpflanzung, Ursachen von Fruchtbarkeitsstörungen, Möglichkeiten der Reproduktion und seelische Aspekte

Promotion of the Acceptance of the Children's and Young People's Telephone Hotline and Sex Education Training Measures

The catchy German name ("Nummer gegen Kummer") of the children's and young people's telephone hotline has made it widely known among children and young people. There is among this group a great need both for knowledge, and to talk to someone, about questions of partnership, love and sex, and about further personal topics as well. Almost half of all the counselling conversations are concerned with the subjects of "partnership, friendship, love".