Migration (english version)

Migration (englisch)

FORUM Sexualaufklärung und Familienplanung Nr. 3/2006

Public health services must be completely open to people of other than German origin, according to the authors of this FORUM. First of all Dorothea Grieger reports on the hurdles which exist according to Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration and on actions at federal level to improve healthcare provision for migrants. Particular attention is paid to the discrimination suffered by girls and women, about whom many stereotypical ideas exist which quite often prevent adequate treatment or advice.

The gynaecologist Neslisah Terzioglu examines migration as a risk factor in pregnancy. In the study by Nürnberg Süd Hospital (Klinikum Nürnberg Süd), deficits in care for pregnant migrants were systematically researched over five years and, in cooperation with advisory centres, the necessary screening services were adapted to these women’s requirements.

Migrants from Vietnam and Poland, who up to now had received little attention in the field of migration research, were asked about their health situation and their need for psychosocial care was established.

Homosexuality has not been talked about up to now in Turkish/Kur-dish, Polish and Russian speaking families. Since the family is of im¬mense importance for all family members because of cultural factors and partially also because of their migrant status, identity conflicts associated with homosexuality may emerge particularly dramatically here. Renate Rampf reports on the ambitious Berlin model project ‘Homosexuality as an issue in immigrant families’.

First generation Turkish men, the preconceptions associated with them and their actual conceptions of partnership and upbringing are the subject of Margret Spohn’s investigation.

Daniel Kunz examines how pro familia is repositioning itself in the current social debate, and Stéphanìe Berrut of the BZgA introduces the newly developed prevention file for sexually transmitted diseases, a comprehensive aid to multipliers which can also be used without any specialist knowledge in the health field.

So it’s all happening in the area of migration. We should be pleased if we could start the new year with your response to one or another of the items in this edition of FORUM.


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