Youth Sexuality 2010

Youth Sexuality 2010 Titelblatt

Repeat Survey of 14 to 17-year-olds and their parents
– current focus: migration –
Results of the current representative survey

In this report, the BzgA, together with the department of social research at TNS Emnid Bielefeld, presents the most important results of the representative survey Youth Sexuality 2010.

The aim of the survey was to gather empirical data which, thanks to the representative nature of the samples, should provide reliable information on the attitudes and behaviour of young people in the Federal Republic of Germany, and, in the case of young people with German nationality, also their parents, in respect of sexuality, sexuality education, and contraception.

The study ties in with surveys conducted in earlier years with the express goal of revealing trends in attitude and behaviour.

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Jugendsexualität 2010

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Publication date: 11/2010
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