Promotion of the Acceptance of the Children's and Young People's Telephone Hotline and Sex Education Training Measures

The catchy German name ("Nummer gegen Kummer") of the children's and young people's telephone hotline has made it widely known among children and young people. There is among this group a great need both for knowledge, and to talk to someone, about questions of partnership, love and sex, and about further personal topics as well. Almost half of all the counselling conversations are concerned with the subjects of "partnership, friendship, love".

Project structure
The chief task of the project was to assure and improve the quality of the work of the children's and young people's hotline. A uniform statistical registration of the calls would, it was hoped, clarify the connexion between the age and sex of the caller and the content of the conversation. In this way, it was possible, for example, to react to the need, as thus established, by training the (voluntary) counsellors accordingly. The following measures were taken:

  • foundation training
  • standardisation of the quality of counselling
  • development of a practical and need-oriented training concept
  • drawing up of a guideline for training of volunteers personal
  • communication measures on the spot, such as co-operation with institutions concerned in youth work and education
  • documentation and evaluation (to gear the statistical survey to the individual topics, to provide an assessment in respect of age, sex, and east-west comparison, to appraise success of publicity work, and to create a greater degree of acceptance for the hotline)
  • development and deployment of project-flanking age-and-topic-specific publicity material (e.g. posters, stickers, cheque cards)

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Deutsche Version:
Förderung der Akzeptanz des Kinder- und Jugendtelefons und sexualpädagogische Qualifizierungsmaßnahmen


1996 to 1999

Project management

Heidi Schütz
Heidi Schütz ist Diplom-Psychologin und Sexualpädagogin. Sie ist als Fachleiterin für Statistik und Ausbildung beim DKSB BundesArbeitsGemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendtelefon e.V. in Wuppertal tätig. Von 1996 bis 1999 leitete sie das Modellprojekt „Förderung der Akzeptanz des Kinder- und Jugendtelefons sowie begleitende sexualpädagogische Qualifizierungsmaßnahmen" mit den Arbeitsschwerpunkten sexualpädagogische Aus- und Weiterbildung, Evaluation und Dokumentation. mehr

Dagmar Saurwein

Target group
Children and young people, centring on 10- 16-year-olds, voluntary hotline counsellors, multipliers, children's and young people's welfare institutions

Assessment of current training programmes, ongoing training units for counsellors, development of a curriculum to assure quality standards


Schütz, H. (forthcoming): Children's and Young People's Questions on Sex, Love and Partnership, in: BZgA (ed.): Scientific Foundations, Part 1 – Children (series: Research and Practice of Sex Education and Family Planning, Vol. 13.1), Cologne