FORUM Sexualaufklärung und Familienplanung
Nr. 2/2006
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FORUM international is devoted to sexual and reproductive health and sex education in the European Community. The broad spectrum, great diversity and the topicality of this subject are evident in equal measure. Since 2002 the BZgA has been a collaborating centre of the WHO and in particular has been supporting the WHO programme of intensive cooperation with the countries of central and eastern Europe. In November 2006 the WHO and the BZgA are jointly staging a large international conference with the theme of 'Sex education for adolescents in a multicultural Europe'.

This FORUM was designed to tie in with the conference. It describes the urgent problems in a unified Europe and, amogst other things, how the work of the large ntworks of state and non-state organisations is mutually complementary and increasingly achieve synery effects.

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