Youth Sexuality 2010

Youth Sexuality 2010 Titelblatt
Repeat Survey of 14 to 17-year-olds and their parents
– current focus: migration –
Results of the current representative survey

Sexuality and Disability

Sexuality and Disability Cover
When we first discussed the issue of “sexuality and disability” in the FORUM series (issue 2/3-2001), the Editorial discussed “admitting what you don’t know”: today the range of this issue remains extensive.


Titelblatt FORUM 2/2009 Partnership
This issue of Forum examines the topic of “partnership” from a specific vantage point. It addresses how love relationships, partnerships and sexuality are changing as a result of the Internet, and how they might continue to change.

Verhüten - gewusst wie!
Предохранять - но как!

Verhüten - gewusst wie (deutsch)
Kurzinformationen über Verhütungsmittel und -methoden für Jugendliche in deutsch und russisch




Media Titelblatt
Pornography on the internet, in computer games and in uncontrolled chatrooms forces one to think about the necessity of child protection, gives rise to moral concerns about violent content for example and concerns regarding the improper initiation of contacts via the web.


Mothers Forum 3/2008 englisch
In her contribution, Antje Schrupp asks what would happen if we stopped debating models of “good” motherhood and instead focused our attention on the freedom of women and mothers. She outlines a concept of female freedom, which, unusually, is not based directly on individual autonomy and independence, and which opens up new trend-setting perspectives.


Forum Fathers Titelblatt
10.5% of the total number of applications for parental allowance that were approved in 2007, which amounted to 571,000, were made by fathers, which represents a dramatic increase compared to the average number of fathers that claimed parental allowance in the previous years, which lay at around 3.5%.

women’s lives - Family Planning and Migration Throughout Life

women’s lives – Family Planning and Migration Throughout Life
Interim results of a town-based study involving women with a Turkish, eastern European or southeastern European migration background



Boys Titelblatt
In 1996, when we chose the topic of “masculinity” for the second edition of FORUM, it was a pioneering time for sex education work with boys. The booklet documents four specialist conferences, in addition to newly published books, specialist publications and booklets. The target group of “boys” was suddenly experiencing a boom.

Contraceptive Behaviour of Adults 2007

contraceptive behaviour 2007
Results of a representative Survey of
20 to 44-year-olds

Experience of Pregnancy and Prenatal Diagnosis 2006

Experience of Pregnancy 2006
Representative Survey of Pregnant Women on the Subject of Prenatal diagnosis


Forum Jugend (englisch)
‘Don’t get worked up, just about anything goes during puberty’ is the philosophy my 13-year-old niece established some time ago, winning her parents over with her casual charm. But calm soon disappears in families when children are growing into adults and testing the relevance of values and standards, often by going beyond the boundaries. Puberty, but in particular the living conditions, attitudes and behaviour of young people in Germany today, is the subject of this FORUM


Teenage pregnancies internationally

Teenage pregnancies internationally
In this issue of the FORUM series the perspective is extended: As well as contributions on current studies in Germany, we are also providing information about representative data and approaches to prevention in other European countries. The international contributions to the issue make it clear just how much the field of sexual and reproductive health, and the possibilities and measures involved in sex education and family planning depend on the cultural context from which they originate.

Youth Sex Education in a Multicultural Europe

Youth Sex Education WHO
BZgA/WHO Conference on Youth Sex Education in a Multicultural Europe Cologne, November 2006

Youth Sexuality 2006

Youth Sexuality 2006 Titelblatt
Representative Survey of 14 to 17-year-olds and their parents



Women's Lives

Womens Lives - abridged version
A Study of Life Histories and Family Planningabridged version

Youth Sexuality 2001

14 to 17-year-olds and their parents

Evaluation of the model project Peer Education

Evaluation Peer englisch Titelbild
The most important prerequisite for successful health promotion is quality assurance. Measures taken by the BZgA are therefore carefully planned on the basis of the current state of knowledge; their implementation is as a rule monitored by academics working in the field, and the results are critically assessed.

Concept Sex Education for Youths

sex education for youth Titelblatt
The Framework Concept "Sex Education for Youths"