Sexuality Education and Family Planning 3/2008

In her contribution, Antje Schrupp asks what would happen if we stopped debating models of “good” motherhood and instead focused our attention on the freedom of women and mothers. She outlines a concept of female freedom, which, unusually, is not based directly on individual autonomy and independence, and which opens up new trend-setting perspectives.

Barbara Thiessen also addresses the issue of what makes a “good mother” and shows how new tasks (from gainful employment to increasingly ambitious child rearing) join with previous responsibilities to create a significant overburdening of the mother, since: “the main responsibility continues to lie with the mother”. Her study of the portrayal of motherhood in the media shows, among other things, that mothers in particular from the lower social echelons, are at risk of failing to meet these new requirements.

Leonie Herwartz-Emden and Wiebke Waburg concern themselves with images of migrant mothers and their attitudes towards the possibility of reconciling family life with professional life. Among the women with aTurkish migration background and the ethnic German resettlers interviewed, they discover impressive culture-specific concepts that they attribute to a “non-Western sense of modernity”.

Veronika Hammer explains the status of single mothers today, the particular problems and risks they face and how their participation in society could be improved.

In her article, Monika Köster presents the health promotion oppor - tunities open to socially deprived women and mothers and outlines seven practical examples that serve as models.

Finally, Ilona Renner and Anneliese Hendel-Kramer use extensive data as a basis for answering the question of in what specific circumstances so-called “older mothers” find themselves and whether there is a particu - lar need for information and support among this target group.

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