Sexualized Violence

Sexuality Education and Family Planning 2/2015

Issue 2/2015 of FORUM is dedicated to the theme of preventingsexualized violence in childhood and adolescence. We chose to use the adjective “sexualized” instead of “sexual” in the title because we are ofthe opinion that these delicts have less to do with fulfilling sexual needs than with the exertion of power. How to best understand and use such termini is discussed by Anja Henningsen and Ursula Schele, who also address the professional approaches used in sex education and the prevention of violence. They look at some of the common elements, clearup some prejudices and stereotypes, and point jointly to the importance of encouraging open discussion and strengthening the personalities of children and adolescents in their prevention programs.

Education, information, training, and networking – those are the goals of the national initiative “Trau dich” [Dare to Do] of the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA). The goal of this initiative is to prevent sexual abuse. The initiative is also supported by local experts and cooperation partners at the municipal and state level. The results of an evaluation of the “Trau dich” program were also recently presented.

There then follow some very basic thoughts concerning prevention ofsexualized violence as well as a partial analysis of an ongoing study of adolescent sexuality by the BZgA.

As part of a larger study, the psychologist and psychotherapist Sibylle Rothkegel addresses the questions of when and how persons affected by sexualized violence are willing to report on their experiences. She asks which type of reaction of others and which communicative circumstancesare conducive and helpful in this regard and what can we learn from this.

How to protect persons with disabilities from sexual abuse is an important matter, as is the question of how to prevent sexualized violence in schools. Christian Böhm and Beate Proll sketch the necessary competences and define concrete steps that can be taken to develop such protection concepts.

In the last contribution, the Independent Commissioner for Matters Concerning the Sexual Abuse of Children, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, voices his call for a social consensus and a greater willingness to act in order to enable better prevention of sexualized violence toward children as one of the major tasks in the near future.

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